Fitness Beginning


Welcome to my Fitnessblog! Where I will now and then update on my findings on Fitness and health but mostly talk about my progress working out! I have made this as an inspirational blog for myself but also for others! So lets start working out and live healthy and happy!! Woooh!

So I actually just wanted to start with posting a video from where I get my inspiration and who actually made me start this blog! She is an amazing teacher and I will talk about her workouts a lot in this blog because I use them a lot and I wanted to see if they actually work! Ive so far done one of her pilates workouts 5 days in a row with a result of loosing, unfortunatly only 0.4 pounds (~ 0.2 kg). Which is nothing, but I am of course not giving up!

So time to drink some more water and get back to it! I will at the end of July post a before and after picture and we will finally see if her workouts really works 😉

So enjoy this little video and let me know what you think? Have you ever tried her videos before? Do they really work? And what is your goal for this summer? 😀


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