Long time

So I haven’t really posted in a long time! I have kind of taken a break from the computer and just focused on my schoolwork. And now it is christmas break so I thought I would get back to it. And it’s a new year! woop!

I said there will be before and after pics for my push up challenge. There will. They are still on my camera and I haven’t had time to move them over!

But now it’s a new year and time for a new challenge!! YES!!

From the 1st of January til the 31st. Me and the husband are doing a juice fast + 10-20 minĀ strength training each day. So far I have lost 6 pounds (2.7kg) and it keeps going. We are only on the 4th day so we will see how we are at the end of the month. It feels really nice to get in all those vegetables and fruits and I feel my body getting stronger. This is not a normal fast cause we are getting a lot of the vitamines and things your body needs to keep going and being energized.

So thats my little update! Keep going strong and working out!!



New Challenge

So I decided to spice up my workouts a little bit and do a new challenge for my arms!
30 days push-up challenge!! So that being said after my regular workout I do as many push ups as I can, 100 being the goal for each day. My first day was yesterday ( Before and after pics will come for this because I want to see if anything happens, myself šŸ˜€ I will post em after 30 days is up. ) Yesterday I did 10 x 5 with a 30 sec break in between each 10.

It will be an interesting challenge and hopefully my arms will get a lot stronger ^_^

Still pressing on!

I have started school again! And its so hard to do my workouts with school on the side but Im trying my best and hope you are too. I have somewhat interesting news ^_^ I am going to start vlogging! So now you can actually keep up with me and actually see me a little bit, yay!! I dont know yet when this will start but it will be soon I assure you!

I have lately had some days off so now I am on day 65, but still thats an amazing number for me, since before I couldnt even get pass a week. haha!

Other news, I think I am going to have to buy a new yogamat already, mine is breaking appart, I dont know why! Maybe because it didnt cost that much, but going to invest in a better one next time for sure!!

Ohh! and also I got a bike! like bicycle, it is my sisters old one and so cute!! But also very nice cause now I do not have to walk everywhere and I get to work my legs at the same time! I will show you a picture later of it ^_^

But for now, I Hope you all are doing well and exercising!

// Sofelia


So, Me and my Husband took a little time to go on a small vacation recently and what can I say, it is so hard to get back into working out after a vacation. I am trying my best to get back into the rutine but it is hard. I am going to do it though cause I have seen some changes with my body and it makes me feel so good looking in the mirror! I am so excited for this autumn.

I am currently a student, studying IT and my school starts next week. It is going to be interesting to see how I can keep up with the workouts and school at the same time, but I am going to do it! And with you all, and this blog as my encouragement I know I will succeed. So that was a little update for now! ^_^

OH I completely forgot to show you all my new exercise mat! So here it is:


Bananas for IceCream/Sorbet

So Since it is still summer I have to post yet another awesome recipes video for you to enjoy! This time it is homemade sorbet/icecream Enjoy ^_^

Day 44 Still Going Strong

I have reached day 44 in my fitness and I am so happy! I am still going strong and even though some days are harder than others I am not giving up! I have noticed though, this month has been a lot harder than the previous one. I don’t know why I think I had more of an urge to exercise in the beginning. I just gotta find that again and motivate myself!

I have noticed a difference though, my body has become firmer and I have over all become more stronger but, I still have a long way to go! I must say though that the trainer I followĀ  has helped me A lot!! to stay on track. I do not think I could have done it without her!

So to encourage you who are reading this, get someone who encourages you and inspires you in what you wanna do! If you wanna exercise get a great trainer or just an awesome friend that helps you out. If you wanna play music get a song/music instructor that will motivate you! Or anything else in life. Surround yourself with positive and motivating people and you will go far in life!

Thats my motivation speech , haha, for today!


Day 30!!

So I have finally made it to day 30 !! Wooot! I cannot believe it myself, it is so amazing!! And as a good job my husband said he would by me a “yoga”mat or an exercise mat!! I canĀ“t believe I have been working out for so long without one. Laying on towels and stuff haha!! My knees are going to feel so much better now.

So as an encouragement for myself and everyone who reads this! Keep it up! It will pay off in the end!! And you feel so much happier afterwards! I am so amazed I got this far and it doesnt stop here!! Exercising for the win!! šŸ˜€

Enjoying Summer & Day 24

Summer is really nice over here, the sun has been shining and it has been really pretty outside.

I am officially on day 24 of my workouts! I canĀ“t believe it!! I never thought I could get this far and this is nowhere near the end of it. It is so interesting to see the progress of working out. The other day me and my husband were wrestling a little bit and I noticed how much stronger I had become! He has always been much stronger than me but now the tables are turning! haha!

So far I have lost about 3 pounds (~ 1.5 kg) Its not much but this is not just about loosing weight but becoming stronger and happier with yourself!

Also, a reason why I havenĀ“t bloged in a while again is because I actually got my muscles cramped up. Not super badly but a bit!
I went to the gym with a friend last friday and we were working out our arms a lot. I didnĀ“t feel much afterwards but the next day my biceps were all mushy. I couldnt straighten my right arm for like 2 days and I looked really funny walking around, having to put my arm on my hips a lot so I wouldnt look like a total dummy, haha!

So note to self, stretch a lot!

All in all it was actually a pretty nice feeling cause,
I felt my muscles getting stronger.

So hope you all are having a good summer!

And work out hard! ^_^