Amazing Smoothie

I love smoothies! So I thought I would post some amazing ones here for you ^_^



Day 30!!

So I have finally made it to day 30 !! Wooot! I cannot believe it myself, it is so amazing!! And as a good job my husband said he would by me a “yoga”mat or an exercise mat!! I can´t believe I have been working out for so long without one. Laying on towels and stuff haha!! My knees are going to feel so much better now.

So as an encouragement for myself and everyone who reads this! Keep it up! It will pay off in the end!! And you feel so much happier afterwards! I am so amazed I got this far and it doesnt stop here!! Exercising for the win!! 😀

Enjoying Summer & Day 24

Summer is really nice over here, the sun has been shining and it has been really pretty outside.

I am officially on day 24 of my workouts! I can´t believe it!! I never thought I could get this far and this is nowhere near the end of it. It is so interesting to see the progress of working out. The other day me and my husband were wrestling a little bit and I noticed how much stronger I had become! He has always been much stronger than me but now the tables are turning! haha!

So far I have lost about 3 pounds (~ 1.5 kg) Its not much but this is not just about loosing weight but becoming stronger and happier with yourself!

Also, a reason why I haven´t bloged in a while again is because I actually got my muscles cramped up. Not super badly but a bit!
I went to the gym with a friend last friday and we were working out our arms a lot. I didn´t feel much afterwards but the next day my biceps were all mushy. I couldnt straighten my right arm for like 2 days and I looked really funny walking around, having to put my arm on my hips a lot so I wouldnt look like a total dummy, haha!

So note to self, stretch a lot!

All in all it was actually a pretty nice feeling cause,
I felt my muscles getting stronger.

So hope you all are having a good summer!

And work out hard! ^_^


Good Morning! Happy Exercise

I wanted to write this in the morning since I have started to exercise every morning. A lot of people may be like what? How can you do it! But for me its actually simple. I dont rush to it right when I wake up, no. I drink a cup of coffee, watch some youtube or read and then I get too it.

If you exercise after you have had that first cup of coffee you will be so much more energetic. I also looked up some stuff about coffee and exercise for this post! So here is some information for you!

  1. Less pain!

    Can you believe it? Drinking coffee actually reduces muscle pain. Thats something aint it?

  2.  Improved Edurance!

    Coffee makes your heart pump harder, one reason to not drink coffee before sleep because it makes you stressed but for exercise it is perfect! Makes you move and last longer!

  3. Improved Memory!

    This is something I found interesting, it actually improves your memory. The article from where this was taken says “caffeine enhances memory up to 24 hours after its been consumed /../ This brain boost may be a real boon during workouts, especially when they entail needing to recall specific exercises or routines.”

  4. Muscle Preservation!

    “caffeine may help preserve your muscles as you age, and reduce your risk of injuries.” Isn´t that kind of cool? For all you tea drinkers out there do not worry! There are a lot of caffeinated teas out there too, its not just coffee, but I am talking about coffee cause I love it so!

If you wanna read more about this for yourself here are the two sites I used for my blog!

So now to get to part 2 of my blogpost haha!

Happiness! I have never really been into working out that much until now! Maybe Its cause Im getting older but doing it in the morning just makes me so happy!! and energized for the day to come!

Yesterday evening I was feeling very low so I thought I would exercise a little and guess what? My mood turned completely around! So if you do not wanna exercise to get fit but are feeling down often, try exercising! it works!!

Thats all for now! Lets start this day with a bang!

// Sofelia

Workout Calender

So I am going try something for the month of July that I kind of recently found out about. It´s a workout calender. I am going to try out Casseys workout Calender and see how it goes! If you wanna join me in doing it go to this website!!

Woo let´s see how it goes!

Fitness Beginning


Welcome to my Fitnessblog! Where I will now and then update on my findings on Fitness and health but mostly talk about my progress working out! I have made this as an inspirational blog for myself but also for others! So lets start working out and live healthy and happy!! Woooh!

So I actually just wanted to start with posting a video from where I get my inspiration and who actually made me start this blog! She is an amazing teacher and I will talk about her workouts a lot in this blog because I use them a lot and I wanted to see if they actually work! Ive so far done one of her pilates workouts 5 days in a row with a result of loosing, unfortunatly only 0.4 pounds (~ 0.2 kg). Which is nothing, but I am of course not giving up!

So time to drink some more water and get back to it! I will at the end of July post a before and after picture and we will finally see if her workouts really works 😉

So enjoy this little video and let me know what you think? Have you ever tried her videos before? Do they really work? And what is your goal for this summer? 😀